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Road Transport Services | Karnataka | TID: 18438475
1 Value: INR 35 Million / 3.50 Crore | Supply of steering assy and components, water pump and parts, oil seals, PU sealant, cotton waste, adhesive SR-998, first aid box, diesel generator sets.
Supply and installation of nitrogen filling generator on turnkey basis.
Procurement of automotive glass.
Paper required for printing of tickets and stationeries.
Procurement of BMI machines.
Due on 09-Aug-2016  |  41 Days to go
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Road Transport Services | Karnataka | TID: 18455119
2 Value: INR 30 Million / 3 Crore | Supply of steering assy. & components, water pump & parts, oil seals, pu sealant, cotton waste, adhesive sr-998, first aid box, Dg sets, automotive glass, paper required for printing of tickets & stationeries, BMI machine.
Supply & installation of nitrogen filling generartor on turnkey basis.
Due on 09-Aug-2016  |  41 Days to go
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Shipping | West Bengal | TID: 18366286
3 Value: INR 8.72 Million approx. / 87.23 Lakh approx. | Establishing medicine shop at the premises of centenary hospital KOPT on fifteen years contract basis for catering medicines to indoor and outdoor patients both regular and retired employees.
Provide and lay additional drinking water pipe line from water treatment plan to lybian tea ware house for augmentation of fresh water supply of CISF personnel NSD.
Estimate For Facility Management Works At The Head Office Buildings At 15, Strand Road And Allied Areas And Subhas Bhawan Compound Including The Office Buildings But Excluding The Areas Of Maritime University At 40, C.G.R Road For A Period Of Two Years From The Date Of Placement Of Work Order.
Supply of phenyl, coir yam, cotton waste and long jute for dock system.
Supply of oil spill dispersent of type-III & IIII.
Repair 24 nos. navigational buoys.
Supply and delivery of spares for ABB tourbocharge, ISI marked heavy duty type 150mm nominal bore G I pipe, ISI marked 3-core, 240 sq. mm, XLPE insulated aluminium, electric power cable of 11 kv grade to dock.
Due on 29-Jun-2016  |  Closing today
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Coal and Lignite | Jharkhand | TID: 18454957
4 Value: INR 74 Thousand | Procurement of Cotton Waste (White Type) in respect of Barka-Sayal Area.
Due on 04-Jul-2016  |  5 Days to go
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Coal and Lignite | West Bengal | TID: 18510756
5 Value: INR 46.20 Thousand | Supply of Cotton Waste.
Due on 15-Jul-2016  |  16 Days to go
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Security Services | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 18336404
6 Supply of Cotton Waste White Grade-I As Per Is 54851980 Item Should Be Clean Form Swarf / Impurities. Qty-7000 Kg (Item Code- 2101119102).
Due on 05-Jul-2016  |  6 Days to go
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Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels | Orissa (Odisha) | TID: 18378742
7 Supply of Silicon Sealant Rustolene Marking Cloth Cotton Waste Insulating tape Silica Gel.
Due on 28-Jun-2016  |  1 Day ago
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Education And Research Institute | Gujarat | TID: 18436319
8 Raw Materials Part-1 (iron Material, General Hardware, Electronics. & Electronics Row Material) - M.S. Flat, M.S. Round Bar , M.S. Angle , M.S. Channel, M.S. Square Bar, M.S.Bright Bar, C.I. Block , C.I. Round Block , G.I. Pipe , Alluminum Flats , Alluminum Pipe, S.S. Sheet, Copper Flat , Copper Tube, Brass Flats, High Carbon Steel Sq., L.A.S All Hard Low Alloy Hand Hacksaw Blade, H.S.S.Hand Hacksaw Blade, Dirill Bit Straight Shank Hss, Tapper Shank Drill Bit Hss, Drill Bit Hss, Hand Tap Set , T' Slot Cutter , Dovetail Cutter , End Mill Cutter Perall Shank Hss , Dovetail Cutter, Dovetail Cutter, Meshenery Drill Bit, Amery Paper Rough, Amery Paper Smooth, Amery Paper Cloth, Cloth Paper 0 Size Rough & Smooth, Hammer Handle Wooden , Machine Cleaning Hair Brush 25mm, Machine Cleaning Brush, M.S. Electrode , M.S.C.C. Filler Rod , M.S. Csk. Screw , M.S. Socket Screw, Oil Paint Colour Smoke Gray , Dowel Pin , Hexagonal Bolt , G.I. Union, G.I.. Tee , G.I. Coupling , G.I. Rrecuder, G.I. Reducer, G.I. T-Rrecuder, Teflon Tap, Boll Valve, Gate Valve, Cock, Grinding Wheel, Valve Grinding Compound Medium & Fine, H.S.S. Tool Bit , Boring Tool Caride , Carbide Side Cutting Tool , Carbide Tool V', Carbide Tool V Threading Tool, Soluable Oil (cutting Oil) 15, Sq. Head Bolt Harden , Center Drill , V' Belt A-74, Soap For Hand Wash Goty Soft Quality 100 Grm Per No., Dimond Dresser 5 Carate 12mm Shank, S.S. Flux , Wire Brush, Copper Filler Rod , Arc Welding Colour Athermal Welding Protection Glass 11 A1 Din 108 X 83 Mm, Arc Welding White Glass, Lather Hand Grloves For Welding Reular Series, Carborundum Cutting Wheel, Sq. Headed Bolt (t Bolt), T' Bolet M 12x75 Mm Long With Nut & Wosher Full Thread, Hdpe Material Ppo, Ldpe Material Ppo, Uf (urea Formaldehydel) Power, Pf (proxy Formaldehydel) Power, Foundation Bolts, Sand, Kapachi, Cement, Circular Machine Blade , Grease Multipurpose, Sae 40 Oil General Purpose, Hydrolic Oil En 68, Blue Gali, Patali Dori For Civil Work, Cotton Waste Cotton Cloth Type, Khili 1", Plywood Sheet, Pvc Flexible Copper Wire, Pvc Aluminum Wire,, Multicolor Ribbon Wire, Flexible Multistand Wires , Hook Up Wire Twin Twisted, Bare Aluminum Wire , Winding Wire Copper , Binding Wire Alluminium 22 Swg (is 694), S.P Switch Piano 6 Amp., 2 Way Switch Piano , Bell Push Switch Piano, 3 Pin Top 5a/230v , 3 Pin Top 15a/230v , Two Pin Top 6a/250v , Calling Rose Bakelite 6a , 230v - 3plate, Piano Type Fuse 5 A, 230 Volt-, Batten Holder Bakelite 6 A 230 V, Angel Holder Bakelite 6a, 230v , Pendant Holder Bakelite 6a / 230v, Indicator Piano Type 5a/230 V ( Lamp), Indicating Lamp Led Round , 30mm Dia , Panel Board , Red , Yellow , Blue (set Of Three No. ), Lamp, Fluorescent Tube Complete Set With Fischer 40 W 230 V ( Chock, State ,tube)-, Power Saver Tube Electronic Wall Light , Electronics Power Saver Tub Light With Electronics Ballast , Fluorescent Tube Stick 40 W 230 V, Fluorescent Tube Light Choke 40w , Capacitor, Mcb, Cfl Power Saver, Led Lamp, Lugs, P.V.C. Switch Board, P. V.C Square Block , Empire Sleeve, Banana Terminal Red & Black , Electrical Bell Buzzer, Electrical Bell 6a,230v, Solder Flux Copper, Solder Flux Aluminum , Fuse Wire Tinned Copper , Fan Regulator , Barings 6201, Fan Baring Double Collar Type 6202, Fan Baring Double Collar Type 6203, Joint Clip 25mm , Earthling Clamp 25 Mm Dia, Earth Wire Copper 14 Swg, Earth Wire Copper 20 Swg, P.V.C. Grip Size 35 X 8 Mm {1 Pkt = 100no}, Sokal Insulated 440 V, Aluminum Acer Conductor 8 G, Pvc Pipe , Pin Insulated 440 V With Base, Cable Lugs 25mm Sq. 10-20 Amp. Copper, Insulating Varnish For Motor Winding, Wooden Screw, G.I. Saddle 3/4" (70-no. Pkt), Pvc Black Conduct Pipe 3/4" (3 -mt), Halogens Lamp With Fittings. 250 V Metal Top Mh&Td, Pendent Switch Totally Close 5 A- 250 V, Elcb 40 A - 2 Pole 30 Ma - 250 V, Male-Female Plug Socket 250 V - 5 A Commercial, Teak Wood Batten 12x19mm 2mtr/Nos., Reverse Forward Switch 32a 440v 3ph, Scr Tyn 604, Ujt 2n 2646, Diode 1n 4007, Zener Diode 15v, 1w, Resistance 10k, 5 W, Resistance 1k ,1.2k, 5 W, Resistance 3k3 , 1/4w, Potentiometer 100k , 1m, Capacitor 0.1µf, 400v, Resistance 47e, ¼ W, Battery Charging Solution, Triac Bt 136 Or Bt 134, Diac Db3, Resistance 1me , 1/4 W, Rheostat , Rheostat , Crocodile Pin Connecting Lid, Fiber Sleev , Copper Sleeve 2.5 Sqmm, On Push Button Panel Type 1 No+ 1 Nc Green Color, Off Push Button Panel Type 1 No+ 1 Nc Red Color, Single Phase Preventer, Over Load Relay Mk1 Type, Pvc Wiring Channel 30mm Wide, Nylon Cable Tie, Heating Element For Iron 750 W, Thermostat Relay For Auto Light Iron, Toaster Heating Element, Heating Element For Storage Type Geyser, Pin Type Insulator, Shackle Type Insulator, 8 Swg Bare Aluminum Wire, Under Ground Cable 4 Core 16 Sq.Mm, Under Ground Cable Joint Complete Kit For 16 Sq.Mm, Elcb 20 Amp 1 Phase, 230 Volt, Pvc Cable Gland For 16 Sq.Mm Cable, Lead Acid Battery 6 Volt, Dpst Switch , Inter Mediate Switch, Byonet Cap Lamp , 40/36 Flexible Copper Wire, Inverter Cir... 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Due on 04-Jul-2016  |  5 Days to go
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Shipping | West Bengal | TID: 18479062
9 Supply & Delivery of White & Clean Cotton Waste To Hdc.
Due on 05-Jul-2016  |  6 Days to go
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Civil Works | Not Classified | TID: 18540544
10 Supply of Spares, Universal Joint cross (Steering), Drag Link assembly, Drag Link repair kit, Wheel Brake Cylinder 38.1mm dia (BI/TVS), Wheel Cylinder repair kit (38.1mm) BI/TVS, SteeringAssy. Without U/joint & pitman arm, Cotton Waste, Cloth Waste (Banyan), Distilled Water (1 Ltr. Bottle), Bolt and Nut (TVS) 13mm x 50mm length, Bolt and Teflon nut (TVS) 11mm x 50mm length, Bolt and Teflon nut (TVS) 17mm x 25mm length, Hawksaw blade standard size, Hawksaw blade 1” width, 14” length, Measurement tape (Nylon) 30 Mtr., Water emery paper 80, Water emery paper 120, Tyre lever standard size, Welding gloves, Welding glass, Welding cable (copper), Welding Rod 3.15mm, Welding Rod 2.15mm.
Due on 11-Jul-2016  |  12 Days to go
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