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Power Plant | Karnataka | TID: 13472691
1 Value: INR 77.47 Million approx. | Establishing 1x10MVA, 110/11kV substation at Ripponpet and Construction of 110kV SC Tap line on DC towers from 110kV Shivamogga-Sagar SC line to the proposed 1X10MVA, 110/11kV sub-station at Ripponpet for a distance of 10.164 kms in Hosanagar Taluk, Shivamogga District on Partial Turnkey basis including Supply of all matching Materials/Equipments (Excluding 11kV Switchgear) and Erection (Including Civil Works) of all Materials/Equipments, Testing and Commissioning | Due on 05-May-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Civil Works | Madhya Pradesh | TID: 13757093
2 Value: INR 65.64 Million approx. | Construction of Residential Quarter including Internal Electrical Fitting at 800 Bedded Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital at Sub Division No3. | Due on 28-Apr-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Power Plant | Tamil Nadu | TID: 13658314
3 Value: INR 58.82 Million approx. | Supply Of Material, Erection Testing & Commissioning Of 2 No. 33 Kv S/Stn. Namely Shakarpura And Gorakhpur (including Civil Works) Consisting Of 8 Panel Set Of 11 Kv Breaker Along With The Associated 33 Kv Lines (29.01 Km) And 11 Kv Lines (15.10 Km) Under Op Circle Dhbvn Hisar On Turnkey Basis At The Risk And Cost Of M/S Wsi Against Ted-158/2012. | Due on 06-May-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  PQ Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Education And Research Institute | Gujarat | TID: 13699824
4 Value: INR 35.50 Million | Purchase of Equipments/Instruments for School of Sciences - 2 - D Gel Analysis with Software and western Blot attachment, 2 - D Gel electrophoresis Unit, Micro - plate spectrophotometer for Nano – drops, Freezing and Cooling Systems, Visible Spectrophotometer, Refrigerated Centrifuge, Student Binocular Microscope, Real Time Thermal Cycler, General Laboratory Homogenizer, Lyophilizer / Freeze Dryer, Protein analysis System, Phase contrast trinocular inverted microscope with imported camera attachment, Semi - Automatic biochemistry analyzer, Homogenizer, Water Purification System, CO2 Incubator, Portable Chlorophyll Meter, Aabsorbance Micro - Plate Reader, Gel Documentation, UV Transilluminator, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Laser Tree Hight Measurement Unit, Preparative HPLC, Rotary Evaporator, OIL - free PTFE diaphragm pump for rotary evaporator, Freezer, Fume hood, Spin Coating Machine, Ultra Sonic Probe, UV Chamber, Hot plate with magnetic stirrer, Digital Melting point, Research Centrifuge, General Purpose Centrifuge, Vortex Mixer, UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, Micropipette, Cuvette, pH Meter, Water purification system, Density Meter, Ultrasonic interferometer, Constant Temperature water bath, Hot Air Oven, Digital Precision Balance, Sonicator (Bath), Mathworks, Line Printer, Network Storage Array with 4 TB Storage (Lenovo EMC px6-300d or Higher), High End Desktop Workstations, Memory, IPS LED Workstation Monitor, Wireless Bridge / Access Point, Wireless LAN (Outside) Access Point / Router, Blade Server, Paper Shredder, Oracle 12C, DGS - 3100 – 24, Digital Analytical Balance, Hot Air Oven, Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate, Multi magnetic stirrer, Quartz Cuvettes, Glass Cuvettes, Diaphragm Vacuum Pump, Micro Pipetts, Vortex Mixer, UV - Visible Spectrophotometer, pH Meter, Water Purification system, Research Centrifuge, Ion Analyze, B. O. D Incubator, C. O. D. Digestion Apparatus, Total Dissolved Solids meter, Noise Dosimeter / Datalogger With PC Interface, LED modules for Microscope Zeiss "Axio Lab.A1" with FL-LED, Cell Counter - Analyzer (Cell count, Viability, Apoptosis, Cell Cycle and Kinetics), CO2 Incubator, 2D Gel Analysis with Software and western Blot attachment, SDS PAGE Electrophoresis unit, Water purification system (A Pre-filtration Kit (3-Stage), Freezing and Cooling Systems, Research Grade Trino - ocular Microscope with Phase Contrast & Digital Camera, Microplate spectrophotometer for Nano – drops, UV Visible Spectrophotometer, Visible Spectrophotometer, Refrigerated Centrifuge, Student Binocular Microscope, General Laboratory Homogenizer, Bio-Safety Cabinet, 96 Well UV-Vis Absorbance Microplate Spectrophotometer.
1. Upgradation of existing Shimadzu HPLC System with Refractive Index Detector and Gel Permeation Chromatography Software, Refractive Index Detector, Gel Permeation Chromatography Software.
1. Supply of Trinocular Phase Contrast Research High Resolution Microscope with Photographic attachment, digital camera and software for image analysis.
1. Supply of Automated Microbial identification and susceptibility testing system.
1. Supply of Water purification system, Weigh Balance, Pre program UV vis spectrophotometer for water analyses, Surface and Interfacial Tensiometer, FTIR with ATR facility, Green house (Gothic Structure), Gel Rocker, Vortex mixture, Cooling incubator device, Air conditioner for Instrument labs, Biomass grinder, Biosafety cabinate / Laminar Air-flow system class II Type A2, Binocular microscope, Weighing machine.
1. Supply of Microprocessor based flame photometer with Na, K, Ca, Li filters and compressor.
1. Supply of Double Distillation Unit- 5-7 l/h, Lab fermenter, Hammer Mill, Biolog upgraded Microstation system from ML2 to GEN III ML3, Micro Station ID system, Micro station reader, Lattice Dynamics Kit, Ultrasonic interferometer, Klystron Power Supply, Digital Readout 25 MHz 2 Channel Oscilloscope, 25 MHZ 2 Channel Digital Power Scope, 50 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope, GM counter, Vacuum Pump, Turbo molecular Pump based Vacuum System, Rectangular electric muffle furnace, Workstations, Software (Academic License For Multiusers), Digital Magnetic stirrer, Digital Hot Plate, Ultra sonic cleaner, Quarts Tube Sealing System, Temperature Controller with sensors, CST software, Spin coating Unit, Data logger, Laboratory microscope, Anti vibration table, KBr Die-Punch, Liquid nitrogen container, Ferroelectric Loop tracer, UV-visible Spectrophotometer, Biosafety Cabinet - Class II B2, Refrigerated Centrifuge, Incubator 37°C, Two place Automatic Solvent Extraction System, Inverted Research Microscope, CO2 Incubator, Multi-Port UV-visible Spectrophotometer system, Ultra low temperature cabinet (-20 degree deep freezer), Cooling Microcentrifuge, Microcentrifuge, Horizontal Electrophoresis Units, Vertical Electrophoresis Units, Micropipettes, Chemiluminescence documentation system, High performance liquid chromatography.
1. Supply of Video Camera, Polaroid PO
| Due on 06-May-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Education And Research Institute | Tamil Nadu | TID: 13579592
5 Value: INR 23.00 Million approx. | Procurement of Machines - lathe all geared head stock ss and sc with standard accessories, tool room lathe ss and sc (all geared type) with standard accessories, shaping machine 450 mm stroke – heavy dutygeared type with all attachments, shaping machine 315 mm stroke (hydraulic) with all attachments, milling machine universal, with all attachments, milling machine , horizontal with all attachments, vertical milling machine with all attachments, drilling machine pillar type to drill up to 20 mm dia along with accessories, surface grinding machine, elevators, conveyor, tool & cutter grinding machine, multimedia based simulator for cnc technology and interactive cnc part programming software for turning & milling with virtual machine operation and simulation using popular operation control system such as fanuc, siemens etc. (stand alone license based), cnc milling tools assorted (for cnc machining centre(milling) –model bfw-agni bmv45tc20 ), cnc hole machining tools assorted such as adapters to suit cnc machining centre(milling) –model bfw-agni bmv45tc20 to accommodate different boring bars, cnc turning tools to suit cnc turning centre(lathe) –model hmt -stallion -100su, inverter based arc welding machine with all accessories. ( 300 amps), gmaw welding machine 400a capacity with air cooled torch, regulator, gas pre heater, gas hose and standard accessories, ac/dc gtaw welding machine with water cooled torch 300a, argon regulator, gas hose, water circulating system and standard accessories, drilling machine bench to drill up to 12 mm dia along with accessories, air compressor suitable for air plasma cutting system, portable gas cutting machine capable of cutting straight & circular with all accessories, hand shearing machine to cut 6 mm sheet and flat, power hacksaw machine 18", portable abrasive cut - off machine. for Up gradation of Govt Industrial Training Institutes under World Bank assisted Vocational Training Improvement Project. | Due on 29-Apr-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Power Plant | Rajasthan | TID: 13670864
6 Value: INR 20.50 Million | Supply of 400 Amp. and 200 Amp. L.T.Dist. Kiosks suitable for 250/315 KVA and 63/100 KVA Distribution Transformers respectively. | Due on 05-May-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Power Plant | Madhya Pradesh | TID: 13527412
7 Value: INR 17.64 Million approx. | Trenching, Laying, Back filling, Jointing, Termination And Testing Of 6 Quad Cable & Pijf Cable In Satna – Katni Section & 24 Fiber Ofc With 6-Quad Pijf Cable Etc In Jukehi - Kymore Section Including Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning Of Way Station Equipments, Headquarter Control Equipments With Power Supplies And Emergency Sockets Etc In Sp/Ssp/Tss In Satna - Katni & Jukehi - Kymore Section Of West Central Railway. | Due on 29-Apr-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Coal and Lignite | Jharkhand | TID: 13747786
8 Value: INR 11.20 Million | Conclusion of Rate Contract for one year for supply of Spares of Air Conditioner for BEML make Equipments - Condenser, Compressor, Ac heater unit, Receiver drier, Receiver drier, Blower assy rh, Motor 24 v, Blower assy lh, Wheel blower, Switch pressure, Resistor, Evapoeator core assy, Valve expansion, Switch toggle off-on-on, Hose
6 nylon barrier, Hose
10 nylon barrier, Hose
8 nylon barrier, Fitting
8 0-ring 90, Fitting
8 refrig 0- ring, 90, Fitting
6 0- ring 90 fem, Fitting
6 0- ring str, Male, Fitting
10 0- ring str, Male, Fitting
10 0- ring 90., Switch toggle on-on-on, Thermostat, Filter, Compressor oil, Refrigerant gas, Binary pressure switch, Relay 24 v, Heater ac unit, Housing assy, Blower motor a ( 24 v), Motor ( 24 v), Condenser assy, Fan/ motor ( 24v), Evapoeator assy, Expansion valve, Receiver drier, High pressure switch, Resistor, Thermostat, Low pressure switch, Switch mode, Switch mode fan, Circuit breaker, Circuit breaker, Filter, Relay.
| Due on 18-May-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Railways Transport Services | Bihar | TID: 13485418
9 Value: INR 7.65 Million approx. | Overhauling Of Associated / Allied System of Engines Like Cooling System, Hydraulic System, Electronic Governing & Engine Related Electrical System Of 06 Nos Of 1400hp Demu/Dpc No. 17010, 17011, 17012, 17013, 17014 & 17015 Of Cummins Engines, Model- Kta 50l At Diesel Shed, Eastern Railway. | Due on 30-Apr-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Railways Transport Services | West Bengal | TID: 13531686
10 Value: INR 7.07 Million approx. | Supply, Installation commissioning of LC Gate Telephones, Emergency sockets etc of OFC & 6-Quad/20/10 pair PIJF Telecom Cable etc.for Optical Fiber communication system in connection with 3RD line between CBSA- DPS section in Chakradharpur division of S.E. Railway. | Due on 29-Apr-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  PQ Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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